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Learn more about Kyrgyz traditions

Setting up a yurt. Yurt is a traditional dwelling of Kyrgyz people. In setting up process you will have an opportunity to see how local people assemble this unique construction and even participate in it.

Making National handcrafts. Show of national felt carpets handcrafts give a chance to learn traditional methods of making by handicraft masters of the Chong Kemin valley.

Show cooking Boorsok. Boorsok is the Kyrgyz national bread cooked for special event and celebrations. In show you will be able to cook together with Kyrgyz ladies and discover more about national cuisine.

Elechek (traditional headdress) show.  Elechek is a traditional women's headdress worn by married and elderly Kyrgyz women. This show takes you back to the time of the nomadic Kyrgyz people life  when the age, status and even belonging to the tribe could be determined solely by the pattern, the color of women's clothing.

Beshike Saluu (lying baby into a cradle). This is a ceremonial feast celebrated by Kyrgyz people from the ancient time when a child is born. The most respected elderly  woman of all relatives is in charge of putting baby into the earlier prepared cradle.

Baking lamb (Tash-Kordo). Tash- Kordo is one of the ancient and at the same time forgotten dish of Kyrgyz. The lamb cooked on a fire according to the old traditions will be most delicious meal in your trip to Kyrgyz cuisine.

Folklore(komuzist and accordionist). Performance of professional artists playing on different musical instruments  makes you enjoy  the traditional folk music.

Performance of Manaschy (Manas epic teller) - Manas epic is the longest epic in the world and a national masterpiece of Kyrgyz folklore. Story is about hero Manas who tried to unify several Kyrgyz tribes into one nation.

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